The Non-Toxic Nursery

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Designing a non-toxic nursery gets easier every day.  Natural, eco-friendly and affordable options for paints, fabrics & bedding, mattresses and furniture (and now flooring!) are readily available.

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, and the average person spends one third of that time in the bedroom.  A baby or child will spend 12+ hours just sleeping in their bedroom. Creating a chemical free sleep environment for your child is a good place to start, according to Mary Cordaro, an expert in healthy homes:

Transforming the bedroom into a healthy, environmentally clean and comfortable retreat is one of the most important steps we can take to improve our overall health and well-being.

Products to consider when shopping include:

  • paint
  • wallpaper
  • drapery
  • bedding
  • crib and furniture
  • mattress
  • wall to wall carpeting /rugs
  • flooring


Some of my favorite resources for the all natural nursery are included below, as well as articles to read more about why the natural nursery/bedroom is the perfect choice for your little one.


goop guide - a definitive guide on everything you'll need for the first months retail and online shop and advice for every parent

Sprout San Francisco - retail and online shop and advice for every parent

Organic Weave Shop - for area rugs & wall to wall carpeting

The Non-Toxic Nursery

certified organic area rugs

Learn More:

Mary Cordaro's article on the bedroom

The Spruce Tips for Natural Nursery


#love is all you need

plus a healthy environment for your child

to sleep, play and thrive.



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