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In our era of cookie cutter, mass produced, “commodity” decor, it’s refreshing to me to see unique, one of a kind product, made by hand.  I concur with Hugo MacDonald:

“We are living in a world of smooth edges and shiny surfaces. Our yearning for everything to be friction free feels like it has gone too far, rendering us with a wipe-clean reality….we value craft precisely because we feel the human hand within it….”

Products that are made by hand carry the heart and soul of the artisans. Our rugs are made entirely by hand – taking slow manufacturing to the next level, as one piece can take months and month (or even years) to complete.  Knot by knot, row by row.

Most of our rugs are inspired by our client’s own designs.  Children’s artwork becomes a family treasure.   We encourage you to dream it…..so we can make it.

Imagine my surprise when a client’s artwork showed up – black on white – #WTF.

I will admit, my first thought was “how cool”, maybe #rugs will be my next big thing.  And then I thought, do I have any moral obligation to weed out swear words in my custom rug service?  Do I honor the client’s vision?

the best things in life are free

After some vacillating between I wish I had thought about it first and do I want to produce a rug with #WTF, I made the rug. And I also made the rug photographed above: “the best things in life are free” rug, at the same time.  #cancel-clear


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