January 23, 2023 2 min read

A simple way to add visual interest to your spaces is the use of a rug. But not just any rug can do the job. Many factors are to be considered, so here is a list of styling tips we’ve gathered for you.

Size matters

The size of a rug is very important to consider when choosing a rug. It’s very easy to buy a rug that is too small or too big. Check out our rug size guide for more details. 


So many shapes

Rugs are available in a variety of shapes: rectangle, circle, cloud, etc. Whether your goal is to simply have a comfortable surface for your feet or to frame your living room, don’t be afraid to play with shapes. Layering rugs of different shapes, textures and sizes can be a fun way to add a focal point. 

Define areas

Open-plan home layouts are becoming more and more popular. Rugs are an easy way to create a subtle visual separation from one room to another. Furniture nicely comes together with a rug as grounding element supporting it.


Harmonious palette

To create a cohesive look, choose a rug that ties in the colours of your existing furniture and pieces of decor. It could also be of a complementing colour, adding an accent to your space. If you use the rug as the base of your decor, its colour scheme can be the source of inspiration for the rest of the furnishings.

Pattern vs Solid

If your furniture is on the solid colour side, a patterned rug can create a nice contrast, making it a focal point in the room. If you prefer a simple look, choosing a solid colour rug is a great option.


Play with textures

If you don’t like to risk your decor with colours or patterns, choosing a rug with an appealing texture can subtly add visual interest to your space. This element adds more dimension to a simple rug.

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