Why Organic?

While “natural fiber” rugs are readily available, the way they are marketed can be misleading: though they are called “natural,” there is no guarantee that they are free of harmful chemicals. You may think that buying a wool or cotton rug means that the rug is all natural.  However, the raw materials in conventional rugs are processed with chemicals and the yarn in the rugs is most often dyed with chemicals. 

Certified organic rugs are guaranteed to be free of chemical additives found in conventional "natural" rugs.

Why Organic

This means that our certified organic rugs are a healthier product for your home.

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, and according to the American EPA Report on Indoor Air Quality, indoor air quality can be between two and five times worse than outdoor air quality. Our lungs as well as our skin can absorb chemicals, so it only makes sense to try to create a healthier environment indoors. An Organic Weave rug is an ideal choice, whether you are just hoping to improve the air quality in your living environment, or whether you are designing a natural home or searching for hypoallergenic home furnishings.

Our rugs are also a better option for the planet. Our wool is sourced from organically farmed sheep, who are managed without being fed modified foods or dipped in chemicals that can hurt the animals as well as the people who care for them. Organic management keeps prevents chemicals from getting into the environment, and gives farmland time to regenerate naturally. Organic herds are not allowed to exceed the natural carrying capacity of the land, preventing the devastating environmental impact of overgrazing. Organic wool is fully biodegradable, and therefore doesn’t add anything to landfills.

Our cotton is farmed organically, eliminating the harmful impacts of insecticides and pesticides on soil fertility and biodiversity. This also prevents insecticides and pesticides from becoming runoff pollutants, so aquatic life is not harmed by our cotton process.

Our organic silk is non-violent, vegetarian fiber. In the making of organic silk, cocoons are pierced or trimmed so that the butterfly can fly away rather than be scalded in boiling water. Our broken silk filaments are hand-twisted and weaved the traditional way, without any of the chemical “shortcuts” used in conventional silk-making. Our organic silk is produced without the use of insecticides and pesticides, and with none of the chemical baths or synthetic additives used to make silk feel softer.

Our organic wool, cotton, and silk producers work hard to control water usage and minimize water contamination, thereby protecting valuable water resources.

How do I know Organic Weave is really organic?

Organic Weave is fully accredited by Global Organic Textile Standard, an international body which imposes stringent guidelines. Our accreditation means that our entire production process is monitored – from the first cultivation of our fibers, to the final dyeing and washing stages of our process. Our certification is a promise that we:

  • Source raw materials from traceable, certified organic producers
  • Clean or scour raw materials using biodegradable cleansing agents
  • Use water in a sustainable way throughout processing
  • Use no synthetic agents or oils in our spinning process
  • Dye our yarn using Global Organic Textile Standard certified dye stuffs

For more information, please visit http://www.global-standard.org/