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Mini Sample Selection

  • $50.00

Do you have some idea of what kind of rug you'd like, but want to get a closer look at a few different techniques or fibers? Our mini sample selection allows you to order up to 3 mini rug samples.

Choose 1, 2 or 3 samples from the techniques below:

  Cotton High/Low Pile Cut Pile Handtufted

  Wool + Cotton Handtufted Shag 1

  Wool + Cotton Shag 2

  Wool Cut + Loop Pile Handtufted

  Wool Flatweave 1

  Wool Flatweave 2

  Cotton Flatweave

  Wool Flatweave with Raised Wool Pile

  Wool Handknotted Tibetan 60 knot

  Wool Handknotted Tibetan 100 knot