An Organic Rug for 3 Little Plums

January 05, 2024 2 min read

Guest Post By Non-Toxic Living Expert Aida Garcia-Toledo

Last month we received a new rug for my middle son's bedroom.  We have lived in this house for a year and a half and I had not found a rug I was comfortable with that we ( my son and myself)  both loved..... but good things come to those who wait sometimes!  


This new rug was custom made by Organic Weave. It is a certified organic rug and the inspiration is a maritime flag....  (backstory my son wants to be an explorer when he grows up.   His room is mostly decorated with art he has created including animal masks and lots of nature inspired art).  

Custom Made to Order




The customization process was the easiest thing ever; we sent them our design and they sent us color samples.   


We wanted to match the blue in the rug with his window treatments. Once we chose the right shade of blue we let them know and that was it! 


As a mom, I cannot tell you how relieved I feel to not have to worry about a rug adding toxins into my son's bedroom.

 He spends hours on his rug building legos and this rug is the softest (and safest) thing ever! 

One less thing to worry about! 

Aida Garcia Toledo son

"As an interior design admirer: I cannot tell you how much I love to go into his room now! It transformed his bedroom:I just love it and - more importantly- he loves it too!"

Aida Garcia-Toledo

A Note from Organic Weave:

We love working with clients, and their children also, to create custom organic rugs.

Send us an image of your inspiration: a photo, your child's artwork, or a hand drawn design.

We will work with you to determine the best technique and colors for your rug and give you a quotation.

Once we finalize the details, we will send you a drawing of your rug for your approval.

Our custom rugs generally take 12-14 weeks to make. Our handmade rugs are luxuriously soft - and because they are certified organic -they are safe for your children.

Order a sample to feel the organic difference!

3 Little Plums

The Author: Aida Garcia-Toledo, Founder of 3 Little Plums

Aida is dedicated to researching and recommending ways to live a non toxic and healthy life.

3 Little Plums

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