RUGS 101 - Buying Guide


Custom Rugs

"My rugs are absolutely gorgeous"

(Note: Jackie has purchased 5 custom handknotted rugs)

Quinn Turquoise

"We absolutely love our new rug. We put it in our baby's nursery and it looks and feels great. We are really happy to have found your company and this item! "

Custom Monogram Rug

"Thank you for such a beautiful piece."

Columbia Grey Multi

"Just wanted to let you know we set the rug up today and it’s gorgeous!

Even thicker and softer than what I had imagined.  

We are so excited to know our baby will be safe playing for hours on this rug, and it’s beautiful too and will last forever!!"

Brand Review

"Organic Weave’s handwoven rugs are made from GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton and wool. They’re dyed using all-natural dyes, and are free of several toxic chemicals that are harmful to both human and environmental health — all the way from the farm to your home. These include synthetic pesticides and fungicides while growing the cotton, cleaning agents like bleach and formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, and chemical treatments to reduce stains and flame retardants. Every Organic Weave rug is certified free of illegal child labor by GoodWeave."

Diana Handknotted Ivory

"It is such a pleasure working with you, thank you for always making the process so seamless. Absolutely love the quality of your rugs 💯 and so beautiful! 😍 can’t wait for the next! "

Brand Review

"The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Rugs of 2022 - Organic Weave is our top choice for sustainable rugs"

Rebel Fantasy Charcoal

"We love this carpet.  It’s beautiful, soft, and it makes me so happy to know I’m not introducing toxic chemicals into our home.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.  This is our second rug purchase from you, and we plan to get many more!”.

Custom Handknotted Rug

"We love our rug"

Brand Review

"Organic Weave are arguably the best of the best for eco-friendly rugs."

5 rugs purchased!

"I opened all the rugs last night, they are absolutely gorgeous! The quality is stunning, I'm beyond thrilled with the turn out!" 

Nassau Teal

"I love my new rug. It's just beautiful and the workmanship is outstanding. I'm very impressed."

3 Things I love about Organic Weave:

1. Their rugs are made with the finest pure organic fibers, all natural dyes, no pesticides, no flame retardants, no toxic detergents, no harmful chemicals

2. It’s a female founded company 

3. Linda their founder is a third generation rug maker 

Rebel Chance Wool Shag

"I just opened up the rug and it's SO PLUSH! Feels so good under my feet. Love the design too."

Seersucker Shag

"Very happy with it, I’ll be sure to place another order for the living room!!"

Brand Review

"Organic Weave Shop offers a wide selection of rugs made of the finest pure organic fibers and all natural dyes - hold the pesticides, flame retardants, toxic detergents, and harmful chemicals."

Brand Review

"Organic Weave –  Another top pick – these are the only GOTS certified organic rugs I know of"

Whitney Taupe Wool Flatweave

"It is beautiful and so so soft! I had
no idea it would be so soft we love it!  Will definitely continue to order your gorgeous rugs!"

Brand Review

"Organic Weave makes gorgeous, handmade rugs with GOTS certified cotton and/or wool. Importantly, they have the GoodWeave certification which ensures that there is no child labor used in the construction."

Cross Handkotted Wool

"My son loves his rug. This rug is so soft and thick- perfect for many many hours of Lego building on the floor!"

Seersucker Shag (Custom Color)

“The custom stripe area rug by Organic Weave is great because kids like to play on the floor, so it’s nice to know the materials are super safe for them.”

Rebel Fantasy + 2 other rugs

"They're beautiful"

Counting Stars Handknotted Rug

"We love the two new rugs as well! Each of the four is so soft and unique. Thank you for your phone consultation early in the process. We will definitely be purchasing a rug for our family room in the future."

Anderson Flatweave

"Rugs are perfect."

(Christy also purchased Sierra Flatweave)

Sculpted Border (Wool)

"This rug truly exceeded my expectations and I just love knowing that something that was made- not only with the very best, safest materials- but with so much love will be part of her room for years to come 💕 "

Wild One Pink

"They look great!"

(Simona also purchased our Dakota rug)

Rebel Hope Wool + Cotton Shag

"I love it sooooooooo much, even more than I expected to. It's just so gorgeous, I keep staring at it....the colors are so elegant, I am glad the taupe is nice and light, and that ivory is almost sparkly, it's really magic. I love how thick it is, it has real presence in the room.

Hampton Flatweave Rug

"It is beautiful and extremely soft."

(Note: Maja has purchased 4 rugs)

Signature Strie Grey + 4 rug rugs

"I love your rugs!! I will be buying more in the future! I am slowing
getting rid of carpet in each room and putting in hardwood flooring and your rugs!"

Seersucker Shag

"Oh my! I have never in my life stepped on a more luxurious rug. The bar has just been set… there’s no going back now! "

Peace Train Handknotted Rug

"We love your rugs" (Note: several rugs and wall to wall installed for this client...)

Seersucker Shag

"I absolutely love it. It looks gorgeous and it's soooo soft."

Custom Zebra Rug

"It's beautiful and so soft."

This Moment Multi

I wanted to share how much we love this beautiful rug that arrived on our doorstep today! The custom colors are perfect!!

Rebel Fantasy Sand

"The rug is FABULOUS. So soft and gorgeous. Just perfect for the nursery."

Signature Strie Blueberry

"The rugs are lovely! Very soft. Our baby loves the little blue rug and we'll introduce her to the new rug tomorrow."

(Patricia has purchased 4 rugs)

10 rugs purchased!

"We are beyond grateful we found Linda… And amazed at the quality of her product. We are now the proud owners of ten of her rugs!! 

Her product; customer service; commitment to quality; availability, and the ability to have such a “clean“ rug (s) in our house with superior quality, it’s beyond measure."

Polka Dot Blue

"We love it! Even better than expected!"

HIgh Tide Handknotted Rug

"I love my new rug! My new rug has almost no odor, just a slight wool scent. I didn't need to hang it outside to off gas before putting it in my living room. Amazing! "

"Loving our new rugs!"

(Christy purchased our Seersucker Shag and a custom colored Harmony Hall rug + 2 Wool Flatweave Rugs)

Long Island Pink

"I love the rug! It's beautiful. It looks great in my room."

Seersucker Wool + Cotton Sahg

"It’s a beautiful rug, we absolutely love it. Very thick and plush! The dogs can’t stop laying on it."

Rebel Fantasy Wool Shag

"The rug is gorgeous, I'm really pleased with it. It's lovely quality and a unique pattern. It is also so soft and cosy. It was most important to me to find a rug that was ethically made, natural and minus all of the chemicals associated with most commercially produced rugs.When my daughter is playing on the new rug I have peace of mind, which really counts for a lot."

Trellis Wool Rug

"It's beautiful"

Sculpted Border

"It is absolutely stunning..
I am so happy."

Custom Handknotted Rugs

"I happily recevied my first rug today. It is incredibly beautiful. A work of art!"

Jaipur Multi Wool

"We love the rug"

Erica Wool + Cotton Shag

"We love the rug"


"The rug is fabulous, absolutely beautiful and impeccably crafted. "

Totally Custom Rug

"We love the rug"

Our client made a drawing and selected colors and our team worked with her to perfect the design and weave her vision.

Organic Weave Women Weavers
Organic Weave Women Weavers

We make the rugs - you make the difference

Our rugs are GoodWeave certified.

The GoodWeave label is your best
assurance that there is no child labor.

Your purchase supports programs that educate children and
improve working conditions for adults.

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