GOTS Organic Certification

Gots: Organic Certification

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard  

Organic Weave is the world’s first rug manufacturer to be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is the world’s leading standard for organic textile certification. GOTS criteria includes ecological and social accountability standards and is backed up by independent certification of the entire supply chain. This includes independent testing and certification of raw, semi-finished, and unfinished textile products at all levels of processing to ensure that the end product is suitable for certification as “100% organic” or “made with 90% organic materials”.

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  Gots: Organic Certification

OneCert is a GOTS accredited organic certifying agency. OneCert’s standards follow the organic guidelines of Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency - CFIA) and USA (National Organic Program).

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Organic Weave's Official GOTS Certification for 2019:

 Gots: Organic Certification