About Us 2

I began by asking myself:
does the world really need another rug company?


Perhaps being the world's first company to offer a collection of GOTS certified organic area rugs & wall to wall carpeting would be reason enough to begin down this road.

But that's only part of our story. The other part involves partnering with women in rural India to weave our collection of rugs.

The idea for Organic Weave was born during my first trip to India in 1989.  After witnessing widespread child labor in the rug industry, I promised myself that one day I would get involved and work with women in rural India.  I understand that children are ONLY compelled to work out of economic necessity, and that no Mother would have her child work if she had an economic alternative.

Organic Weave provides dignified work and sustainable income to adult women artisans.  Earning a living wage, our artisans are proud to participate in the economic welfare of their families.

Every rug we make is GOTS certified organic as well as GoodWeave certified, guaranteeing that no illegal child labor is involved in our process.

From cradle (raw materials) to grave (disposal), we are proud to offer you the most natural rugs on the planet - impeccably handcrafted, the way rugs have been made for centuries.....


Would you want your children to crawl on a rug laced with chemicals?