About Us


So, did the world really need another rug company?

We think so. We're proud to offer rugs created in harmony with nature, sourced from all natural and organic ingredients.


What's the big deal about organic rugs?

There are 3 reasons why we think buying organic home furnishings is important:


1. We spend 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air quality affects the quality of our health.
2. Organic farming is better for the farmers, the animals and the environment.
3. Organic manufacturing means that our artisans are not exposed to harmful chemicals.


Let's go back to indoor air quality...

When we walk on rugs or sit on furniture, the abrasion causes small particles to enter the air. 

If there are harmful chemicals in our home furnishings, those chemicals enter the air, with potential negative health effects.


Wait. What?

We can inhale, ingest and absorb harmful chemicals.

We may be comprising our health when we expose ourselves to harmful and toxic chemicals in the products that we use every day.


Anything else you want us to know about Organic Weave?


All of our rugs are GoodWeave certified.

That means that is no illegal child labor in the production of our rugs. We're passionate about ending illegal child labor in India’s carpet industry.


Anything else?


We don’t expect anyone to buy Organic Weave rugs simply because they are healthy. 

First and foremost, our rugs are impeccably handcrafted.

If you're buying a beautiful rug, why not choose organic?



We don’t take your support for granted.

Thank you for choosing Organic Weave.