Goodweave: No Child Labor

Goodweave: No Child Labor

Every Organic Weave rug is certified free of illegal child labour by the internationally recognized organization, GoodWeave.
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  • Ours is the only organization in the rug industry that is a full ISEAL Alliance member
  • We are proven leaders in the field, fully committed to creating and adhering to solid, credible standards.
  • We are dedicated to maintaining independence, promoting transparency and treating all producers equally.


  • Our commitment to transparency starts with our own systems, policies, and procedures, and extends to the furthest reaches of the various supply chains that we monitor.
  • Global Legislation, from the UK Modern Slavery Act to the California Supply Chain Transparency Act, requires companies to demonstrate how their production is free from child labor and forced labor. GoodWeave provides the transparent oversight needed to comply.

Consumer Affinity

  • Socially conscious consumers reward companies and brands that share their values.
  • 90% of global consumers would switch brands to one affiliated with a social or environmental cause. Becoming GoodWeave licensed sends an unambiguous message to consumers that your company takes a serious stance on child labor.

From the GoodWeave website:

Linda Alexanian, co-founder of Organic Weave, is by no means a newcomer to the rug industry; in fact, she is the third generation of her family in the business. “Rugs are in our blood. I can’t do anything but rugs,” she says, laughing. A concern for social justice also runs deep in the family. “The work GoodWeave does is absolutely an extension of our beliefs,” says Linda.

Through her latest project, Linda offers something unique to the market: rugs certified both organic, via OneCert, and child-labor-free, via GoodWeave. Organic Weave rugs are produced in cooperation with Unnayan, a non-governmental organization that supports a women’s cooperative near Varanasi, India. “It’s time for women to share in the economic security this craft can bring,” says Linda.

Organic Weave’s rugs, made of certified organic wool, cotton and silk, use a combination of flatweave, hand-woven, hand knotted, hand-tufted, embroidery and block-printing techniques. Organic Weave draws inspiration both from nature’s palette, using organic plant-based dyes, and from the details and motifs used in traditional Indian architecture, which appear in the designs of rugs like “Serenity.”

Organic Weave is creating jobs for women, providing a socially and environmentally responsible option to rug consumers, and preserving a craft threatened by automation. “There are a lot of choices out there,” she says, “but in offering consumers rugs that support women, children and the environment, we think we are on the right path!”